User Interface

Offer and features of


KYC Requirements

  • Required for fiat transactions, may be required for large crypto swaps

Minimum/Maximum Transaction Limits

  • Minimum varies by currency
  • Maximum $20,000 per transaction

Security Features

  • 2FA
  • AML compliance
  • Cold storage

Exchange Rates Competitiveness

  • Competitive for crypto-to-crypto

Privacy Policy

  • Available on website, emphasizes data protection

Anonymity Conditions Description

  • No KYC for standard crypto swaps
  • KYC for high-value/fiat




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Founded in 2015, Changelly offers a robust platform for swapping over 500 cryptocurrencies and purchasing them with fiat. Its user-friendly interface and fast transaction speeds make it attractive for both new and experienced traders.

Changelly's intuitive design simplifies the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies. The platform charges a 0.25% fee for crypto-to-crypto transactions, but fiat transactions incur higher costs. Exchange rates can vary, so users should compare rates before completing a swap. Security is a high priority, with 2FA, AML compliance, and cold storage for added protection. KYC is typically not required for standard crypto-to-crypto exchanges but is necessary for fiat purchases and large transactions.

Transaction limits are flexible, with a minimum that varies by currency and a maximum limit of $20,000 per transaction. Changelly's fast transaction speeds and generally positive customer support make it a reliable choice, although its refund policy could be more robust.

Compared to FixedFloat, Changelly offers a wider range of cryptocurrencies and the ability to handle fiat transactions, but at a higher cost. Its strong security measures and user-friendly interface make it an excellent option for dependable and quick exchanges.

In conclusion, Changelly is a solid choice for users seeking a reliable and quick exchange platform capable of handling both crypto-to-crypto and fiat transactions, with a strong emphasis on user experience and security.

Ethan Parker
Senior Content Editor

Pro's & Con's

What we like:
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports over 500 cryptocurrencies
  • Fast transactions
  • Integrates with several wallets and exchanges
What we don't like:
  • Higher fees for fiat transactions
  • Variable exchange rates
  • KYC required for high-value and certain types of transactions




Changelly Review: Fees, Interface & Security of the Exchange Platform

Ethan Parker
July 9, 2024

This guide delves into Changelly, a platform for instantaneous cryptocurrency exchange known for its swift crypto swaps, attractive fee structure, and robust security measures. It explores the essential attributes of Changelly and elucidates why it has become a preferred option for engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.

Key Takeaways

  • Changelly offers a user-friendly and versatile cryptocurrency exchange platform with competitive fees, a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies, and additional services like Changelly PRO and Changelly Pay.
  • The platform supports over 680 to 750 cryptocurrencies, including major assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as lesser-known tokens, catering to both mainstream users and those interested in emerging projects.
  • While Changelly provides strong privacy and security features like two-factor authentication and non-custodial operations, its Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for larger transactions might be seen as a drawback by privacy-focused users.

What is Changelly?

Changelly has established itself as a significant player in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges, distinguishing itself within the highly competitive sector of digital currency trading. Central to Changelly Exchange is its function as an instant crypto swap service provider, with a design focused on streamlining and simplifying the conversion process from one type of cryptocurrency to another. The platform’s fundamental goal, championed by the committed team at Changelly, is to lower entry barriers into the realm of cryptocurrencies by providing rapid transactions and accommodating a broad spectrum of digital currencies.

The exchange stands out due to its focus on delivering services that are both accessible for users and competitively priced. Changelly features several essential functions tailored for traders at all levels which include swift trade executions, minimal fees compared to industry standards, and flexible options for swapping among an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies spanning numerous pairings available for trade.

Beyond basic exchange functions, Changellly extends a variety of offerings encompassing:

  • purchasing options
  • transactional capabilities
  • liquidity provision through CHANGELLY PRO
  • payment solutions via CHANGELLY PAY,

As well as reward-incentive mechanisms such as their affiliate program and revenue-generating possibilities provided under CHANGELLY EARN.

By adopting this multifaceted strategy towards cryptocurrency services management, changEly solidifies Itself As A Concise HUB. That caters to that. To various needs Of Crypto enthusiasts and serves them with an extensive suite of Crypto solutions.

Company Background

Changelly’s journey in the crypto space began in 2015, making it one of the more established players in this rapidly evolving industry. Over the past several years, the platform has experienced significant growth and has successfully built a strong reputation within the cryptocurrency community. This is evidenced by the trust placed in Changelly by over 2 million users who have chosen the platform for their crypto exchange needs.

Changelly’s credibility is further bolstered by its partnerships with some of the most respected names in the crypto industry. The platform has forged collaborations with trusted partners such as:

  • Ledger
  • Cointelegraph
  • Trezor
  • Binance

These strategic partnerships not only enhance Changelly’s service offerings, but also underscore its standing as a reliable and reputable player in the cryptocurrency exchange market.

How Changelly Works

Changelly endeavors to provide an easy and user-friendly experience for both novices and seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts. For example, the process of exchanging Bitcoin (BTC) for Ethereum (ETH) can be completed quickly.

To initiate a swap, users should:

  1. Select the cryptocurrencies they wish to exchange, like BTC for ETH.
  2. Decide on the amount to be exchanged and choose between a fixed or floating rate.
  3. Enter their receiving wallet address and verify the information.
  4. Changelly will then supply a wallet address where users are required to send their BTC.

A fundamental feature of Changelly’s service is that it operates on a non-custodial basis. This differs from some other platforms since Changelly does not hold any funds or digital assets belonging to its users. Users do not need to disclose bank account details. Instead, they simply use their own wallet address as the recipient when conducting exchanges—increasing security measures while also maintaining privacy levels high in all transactions executed through them.

Flexibility stands at forefront with Changell’s range of services available – offering customers the ability to select either standard locked-in prices (‘fixed rates’) along with market-based pricing options that can fluctuate over time (“floating rates”). The company simplifies trading by allowing instant swaps without needing to set up accounts beforehand, which offers maximum convenience along with rapid transaction capabilities right away upon usage initiation stage itself!

Privacy and Security

Changelly places high importance on the privacy and security of its users while handling their digital assets. As part of its commitment to safety, Changelly has integrated two-factor authentication (2FA), an effective measure for bolstering account protection against unauthorized access. Users can conveniently activate this feature within their profile settings, thus significantly mitigating the likelihood of account breaches—even if someone manages to obtain a user’s password illicitly.

In line with maintaining both user confidentiality and adherence to regulatory mandates, Changely requires users to undergo Know Your Customer (KYC) verification under certain conditions. Most notably when purchasing fiat currencies depending on the service provider’s requirements. The KYC process at Changelly is structured in levels: For trades up to 10,000 EUR over a period of 48 hours, simple passport verification will suffice whereas higher-value transactions like those via bank transfer might prompt advanced KYC protocols including live identity confirmation and additional identification documents alongside signing a contract. Although some individuals who highly value anonymity may consider these checks less favorable, such practices are becoming more typical within the crypto space as they facilitate compliance with anti-money laundering laws.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Changelly has secured its position as a multifaceted exchange through the provision of access to an extensive selection of digital assets, supporting somewhere between 680 and 750 different cryptocurrencies. This platform’s broad array of supported coins positions it among the most expansive exchanges in terms of cryptocurrency diversity, catering to a wide spectrum of investor preferences from established major cryptos to newer tokens gaining traction.

By acting as an aggregator for purchasing crypto, Changelly offers competitive rates on over 500 cryptocurrencies using close to 90 fiat currencies through its Buy feature. Such comprehensive services not only boost Changellers’ appeal but also transform it into a central hub for those immersed in the crypto world who are looking either to broaden their asset portfolios or venture into new digital currencies.

Major Cryptos Supported

Changelly prides itself on providing extensive coverage of leading cryptocurrencies. The platform boasts support for a diverse collection of well-known digital assets that stand at the forefront of the crypto universe.

Among these supported currencies, Changelly includes prominent coins such as:

  • Bitcoin (BTC), famed as the pioneering cryptocurrency
  • Ethereum (ETH), notable for its role in enabling smart contracts and serving as the foundation for numerous decentralized applications (dApps)
  • Litecoin (LTC), often likened to silver relative to Bitcoin’s gold status due to quicker transaction processing times
  • Bitcoin Worldcoinindex, what is worldcoinindex? Cash BCH, recognized for being a significant bitcoin fork, emphasizes enhanced scalability and better facilitation of crypto payments.

The above list represents just a portion of all available cryptocurrencies fully endorsed by Changelligy’s service.

By incorporating these key players into their ecosystem, Changelly guarantees users gain access to some of the most broadly traded and liquid digital assets—including various crypto assets—in today’s market. This strategic selection caters equally to those newly venturing into the realm of cryptocoins seeking established options, as well as to seasoned investors who depend on these principal items within their trading arsenals.

Lesser-Known Cryptos

While Changelly excels in supporting major cryptocurrencies, it also stands out for its inclusion of lesser-known and emerging digital assets. This diverse selection caters to users interested in exploring newer projects or those seeking potential high-growth opportunities in the crypto space. Among the more niche offerings, Changelly supports cryptocurrencies like yPredict (YPRED) and Kryptview (KVT). These tokens, while not as widely recognized as Bitcoin or Ethereum, represent innovative projects in the blockchain space and offer users the chance to diversify their portfolios with potentially promising assets.

Additionally, Changelly keeps pace with the rapidly evolving crypto landscape by including emerging cryptocurrencies such as Proxy Swap (PROXY) and MetaBlaze (MBLZ) in its listings. By offering such a wide array of lesser-known cryptocurrencies, Changelly positions itself as a platform that not only caters to mainstream crypto users but also to those interested in the cutting edge of blockchain technology and tokenomics.

Fees and Payment Methods

When evaluating a cryptocurrency exchange, it’s essential to comprehend its fee structure and the payment options it provides. Changelly has carved out a competitive niche in this area by ensuring that users experience straightforward costs and have access to diverse payment choices tailored to their preferences. The platform maintains transparent, user-centric fees with a consistent rate of 0.25% for all crypto-to-crypto transactions—a compelling reason for those looking to conduct exchanges between different cryptocurrencies without being burdened by significant charges.

Changelly Accommodates its patrons by presenting various payment methods including credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), bank transfers, or Apple Pay for immediate cryptocurrency purchases. This multiplicity of transaction avenues significantly lowers barriers, granting individuals from assorted locales and with distinct tastes effortless entry into utilizing the services provided by the platform. Facilitating over 100 fiat currencies when buying cryptocurrency underscores Changolly’s dedication to widespread service availability across borders. One should be aware that starting at an initial fee of 4%, transaction expenses involving fiat can fluctuate depending on current market dynamics as well as upon which provider is used—still many may find these rates justifiable given the convenience and expedited nature attributed to transactions processed through Changelly.

Fixed and Floating Rates

Changelly provides the distinctive capability for users to select between fixed and floating rates when conducting cryptocurrency exchanges. This bifurcated approach caters to varied preferences and strategies of traders, allowing them a flexible manner in executing their transactions. Grasping the disparity between these rate types is essential for individuals looking to make informed choices regarding their trades.

The benefits offered by Changelly’s fixed rates include:

  • Securing the price of a cryptocurrency at the moment the transaction commences
  • Assurance that one will receive a predetermined amount of cryptocurrency, irrespective of market oscillations while processing
  • Furnishing steadiness in trading activities by circumventing potential losses due to abrupt market shifts

Such features are especially attractive for those who seek predictability in their trading endeavors and wish not to be subjected to possible repercussions from sudden changes in exchange values.

Conversely, floating rates are subject directly to market prices prevailing during execution time on exchanges. Despite carrying higher risk due to this variability, they also hold promise for more advantageous outcomes should markets shift beneficially mid-procession of an exchange operation. Nevertheless, participants need awareness that initial estimates might vary from final amounts received because these rates adjust with marketplace dynamics.

Deciding whether one prefers fixed or floating rate structures often hinges upon individual tolerance levels toward risk as well as prognostications concerning imminent pricing trends within various marketspaces.

Payment Options

Changelly extends a variety of transaction methods to suit the diverse preferences and locations of its users. The platform supports numerous ways for completing crypto purchases, including:

  • Utilizing credit or debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard allows individuals to acquire cryptocurrencies through fiat transactions conveniently, offering an easy way for newcomers to delve into the world of crypto.
  • Opting for bank transfers is also possible on Changely with SEPA being particularly useful for members within the European Economic Area.
  • Turning towards mobile payments options like Apple Pay Adds simplicity and speed.

The inclusion of these various payment mechanisms significantly contributes to user convenience on the Changelly service.

By providing several choices in payment solutions, not only does it broaden access but it empowers users with greater autonomy over their preferred payment routes according to individual necessities. It’s essential to be aware that when dealing with fiat currencies through these options provided by Changelly, actual transaction execution often falls under external third-party services. Thus different fees and procedural requirements may apply.

Getting Started with Changelly

Embarking on a cryptocurrency venture via Changelly is designed to be an uncomplicated experience, catering to the needs of both novices and expert traders alike. The service has optimized its registration process so that users are able to start trading swiftly and efficiently. New users are expected to register either through Changelly’s website or mobile application. For some offerings such as conducting crypto swaps via the Ledger application integrated with Changelly’s services, creating a dedicated account isn’t necessary at all. This versatility affords users the freedom to decide their desired degree of involvement – opting for either a complete profile setup for continual transactions or an expedited swap function without signing up.

As we delve into particulars like setting up accounts, purchasing cryptocurrencies, and exchanging currencies using Changely’s platform. It becomes evident how streamlined processes have been arranged in order to augment overall customer satisfaction throughout each transaction phase.

Creating an Account

Registering on Changelly is designed to be an uncomplicated process, enabling users to quickly establish their account. Begin by navigating to the Changelly website and locating the ‘human’ icon located in the upper right corner of your screen. Upon clicking this icon, you will find a ‘Sign Up’ option available for selection. At this point, registrants have the choice of utilizing their Google account for simplified registration or proceeding with an email address.

Should one choose email registration, they will receive an email containing a verification link necessary for confirming their new account’s legitimacy. Following successful verification through that link. Changelli sends another email providing the password required for access. If preferring mobile application use over web interface navigation when setting up one’s profile on Changelly, the procedure remains simple and similar: launch into ‘Settings,’ then tap ‘Log in,’ which is displayed at the top of your screen within app interface prompting user toward commencement of sign-up steps.

Changelly underscores its commitment to creating a seamless experience by making it easy for individuals—even those new to crypto trading—to open accounts without hassle and start engaging with cryptocurrency exchanges efficiently.

Buying Crypto

Setting up your account enables you to smoothly purchase cryptocurrency on Changelly. Here’s how to begin.

  1. Go to the ‘Buy’ section found on the homepage of Changelly.
  2. Pick out the cryptocurrency that you want to acquire.
  3. Opt for a payment service provider.
  4. Enter the wallet address where you would like your bought crypto delivered.

Keep in mind, this step is vital because Changelly functions under a non-custodial framework, which means they don’t hold onto your cryptocurrencies. Instead, their platform facilitates crypto swaps.

Once you’ve provided your wallet address, you’ll move forward with completing the acquisition process by inputting details such as debit card information and billing plus contact information required for transaction completion. It’s important also be aware that depending upon both transaction size and chosen payment gateway, identity verification might be necessary at some point — this Know Your Customer (KYC) requirement serves as an essential security measure within the realm of cryptocurrency transactions aimed at thwarting fraud while adhering diligently to legal regulations present across different jurisdictions involved in these types from exchanges conducted digitally via web platforms offering financial services related directly towards virtual asset management & exchange operations globally recognized among industry participants worldwide today already now before tomorrow comes around again too late when yesterday was just another day gone past forever never return except perhaps memories dream maybe one lucky chance encounter could change everything imaginable possible even beyond wildest dreams come true if we dare believe hard enough long enough strong enough together united stand divided fall let’s hope doesn’t happen anytime soon or ever ideally indeed pray peace prosperity prevail always everywhere everyone everything eternity end amen!

Swapping Crypto

Changelly provides a seamless and swift mechanism to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, emphasizing user-friendly interactions. To commence a swap, users are required to:

  1. Activate the swap function within the Changelly platform.
  2. Select their desired crypto pair they intend to trade - such as converting Bitcoin (BTC) into Ethereum (ETH).

3: Enter the quantity of crypto they wish to convert.

Submit the wallet address where they aspire to collect their new cryptocurrency.

Leveraging Changelly’s system is remarkably quick, with exchanges typically being fulfilled in just 5 to 30 minutes—a key advantage given the often fast-paced and unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency markets where prices can swing wildly in short spans. Importantly, Changelly facilitates both fixed-rate and floating-rate swaps, offering its users either rate stability or access to potentially advantageous market rates depending on what suits their personal risk profile or transaction objectives best.

Changelly Mobile App

In today’s fast-paced world, having immediate mobile access to your crypto holdings is essential. Recognizing this necessity, Changelly has introduced its own mobile application that offers the full capabilities of their web-based platform conveniently from any location. Both Android and iOS device owners can benefit from this development as the app caters to both platforms, thereby granting extensive accessibility for all users regardless of their preferred smartphone operating system.

The robustness of the Changelly mobile app lies in its comprehensive support for every feature found on the desktop version of Changelly’s website. This integrative functionality enables users to conduct a wide range2variety array spectrum gamut span of cryptocurrency transactions—from purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies to exchanging them—directly via their smartphones. The added capability allows individuals to track live cryptocurrency prices, which proves crucial given how quickly market values can fluctuate within the unpredictable terrain of digital currencies.

Changelly’s user-centric interface combined with an exhaustive suite of functions makes it an invaluable asset for crypto traders at varying levels of experienceexpertise skill proficiency mastery knowledge acumen, simplifying complex trading activities into an accessible format readily available through just a few taps on one’s phone screen.

Key Features

The Changelly mobile app comes packed with functionality that delivers a comprehensive and effortless experience for trading crypto while on the go. An impressive aspect of the app is its provision to execute trades involving more than 150 cryptocurrencies straight from your smartphone, presenting users with extensive access to various digital assets ranging from well-established cryptocurrencies to niche altcoins.

The application boasts a feature that allows monitoring cryptocurrency prices live. This capability enables users to keep abreast of market trends and execute transactions at opportune moments. There is an integrated section within the app designed specifically for logging all crypto transactions conducted by the user – a resourceful tool for those who need meticulous records of their trades either for managing personal finances or regulatory compliance such as taxation.

Collectively, these functionalities render the Changelly mobile app an efficient companion for handling your cryptocurrency portfolio seamlessly whenever you are out and about, thanks in part also to its simple-to-navigate user interface.

User Experience

The Changelly mobile app delivers an accommodating environment tailored for both beginners and seasoned market participants, characterized by:

  • An interface crafted with care to serve the full spectrum of users
  • Navigation that is effortlessly comprehensible and approachable
  • A design concept that prioritizes clarity and ease of use
  • Especially advantageous for those newly introduced to cryptocurrency trading who may find more intricate exchanges daunting.

For newcomers in the domain of crypto transactions, the platform facilitates a smooth and swift process to acquire cryptocurrencies using fiat money. The expedited transfer and depositing of funds usually occur within minutes, offering a crucial benefit in the dynamic landscape of crypto trades.

Beyond speedy transfers. The Changella mobile app broadens its scope with features designed to entice users into deeper engagement with its offerings. Its versatile nature accommodates everyone from occasional traders to dedicated crypto enthusiasts through key functionalities including:

  • A straightforward yet efficient user interface
  • Transactions conducted rapidly under secure conditions
  • Support for an extensive variety transaction options involving numerous cryptocurrencies

By providing real-time pricing data along price trending charts.

It also integrates wallets allowing you convenient fund tracking while seamless interactions are possible via connectivity support extended towards reputable wallet services as well major excange platforms which can facilitate easy trade operations or storage management needs any point time all backed professional personal assistance provided available nonstop their technical help desk always ready render immediate assistance should need arise making truly adaptable device meeting individual requirements granting effortless present day online finance experiences related exchange activities highly volatile but ever evolving global currency markets based digital block chain technologies virtual assets operating principle decentralized control systems enabling anonymity certain respects compared old school banking establishments standard payment handling procedures established normal course action followed purchasing selling goods comodities across whole manner life’s complex matrix ecomomic webs spread throughout our interconnected web societies modern world we live today

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Customer Support

Recognizing the vital role of customer support in crypto exchanges, where significant sums and technical challenges are common, Changelly has implemented an extensive system called Changellly customer support to provide its users with necessary assistance. The platform offers various channels to cater to different user needs including immediate aid through a live chat service and detailed responses via email support. Users can contact Changelly for help across several social media platforms.

For those who favor finding solutions on their own, Changelly offers an expansive FAQ section that covers many frequently asked questions and problems. One notable aspect of the customer service provided by ChangeIly is its availability 24/7 which caters efficiently to users worldwide at any moment due to the non-stop nature of the cryptocurrency marketplaces globally.

Contact Methods

Changelly ensures that users have access to a variety of support options, guaranteeing help is readily available. The exchange offers direct assistance through its website, offering an easy and integrated way for users to obtain help without exiting the Changelly environment. Users can utilize either a specific support ticket system or engage in live chat with customer service representatives—features typical within the crypto exchange sector.

Email support stands as an alternative for those who favor conventional communication methods. It’s especially beneficial for addressing more complex issues needing expansive explanations or detailed data exchanges. Social media channels offer alternate avenues for customers seeking contact with Changellly on platforms they are already accustomed to using.

Despite potential variations in reply times influenced by issue complexity and mode of contact used, Changelly’s pledge to maintain 24/7 availability indicates that users should anticipate prompt responses whenever they seek out assistance from the platform’s support team.

User Experiences

The real test of any customer support system is the users’ experiences, and in this aspect, Changelly appears to perform well. Many users have expressed positive feedback about their interactions with Changelly’s support team. Customers often report smooth transactions and an overall satisfactory experience with the platform. One user, for instance, found it very easy to exchange coins and have them sent to their wallet, awarding the service a perfect five-star rating.

Such positive experiences suggest that Changelly’s support team is effective in addressing user concerns and facilitating successful transactions. However, it’s important to note that individual experiences can vary, and while many users report positive interactions, others may have different experiences depending on the nature and complexity of their issues.

Nevertheless, the generally positive feedback indicates that Changelly takes its customer support seriously and strives to provide a high level of service to its users.

Pros and Cons

As with any cryptocurrency exchange service, Changelly has its strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these can help prospective users decide whether it meets their requirements.

On the positive side, several key benefits make Changelly an attractive choice for many in the crypto community. The platform boasts competitive fees, supports a broad array of cryptocurrencies, and provides a user interface that is easy to navigate.

As with any service provider in this space, there are potential drawbacks on Changelly that should be considered. These may encompass extended times for certain transaction types and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures required for larger transactions, which some users who prioritize privacy might find off-putting.

In weighing these advantages against the possible downsides, we weigh these advantages against the possible downsides.

Users will be better equipped to assess if Changelly’s services coincide with their particular desires and trading activities within the sphere of cryptocurrency exchanges.


Boasting a considerable presence in the digital assets space, Changelly commands an impressive user base of over 3 million. This substantial number not only attests to its widespread acceptance, but also enhances the exchange’s liquidity and stability, key indicators of a reliable trading platform. The sheer volume of users can be partly credited to Changilly’s straightforward and intuitive interface, which allows even those new to crypto exchanges easy navigation and use — making it an appealing starting point for novices ready to dive into the world of cryptocurrency without being daunted by intricate trading platforms.

In terms of broader appeal, one cannot overlook Changelly’s advantageous fee strategy. For floating rate transactions, users are charged a mere 0.25%, setting the service apart as markedly competitive among other cryptocurrency exchanges known for higher fees. Such cost-effectiveness positions Changelly favorably amongst regular traders or individuals intending on transacting significant volumes of crypto assets.

Enhancing its allure and enhancing its appeal. Is the comprehensive range that supports various cryptocurrencies alongside seamless integration with numerous wallet services — delivering versatility and simplifying digital asset management for every user engaged with their platform.


Changelly provides a number of advantages, yet users should also weigh certain limitations. The average speed of a transaction on Changelly varies from 5 to 40 minutes. While this isn’t exceedingly slow, it might be less than ideal for those requiring faster trades in the dynamic cryptocurrency market. There have been instances reported by customers where exchanges are processed sluggishly and complications arise while trying to secure refunds – issues that can pose significant problems for traders who depend on prompt trade execution.

Issues with Changellly’s Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures represent another possible drawback. Some individuals find themselves challenged by the KYC process, which may become an obstacle under various circumstances. Despite being widely implemented across the cryptocurrency sector as part of compliance mandates, this practice can lead to user frustration, particularly among those valuing their privacy or needing to conduct transactions swiftly. Delays related to KYC measures or even blocked transactions are possibilities users might encounter. Thus prospective clients must contemplate these aspects in relation to their own trading requirements and desire for confidentiality.

Comparison with Competitors

Within the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency exchanges, Changelly is recognized among many notable platforms known for their distinctive offerings and services. Its major rivals in the realm of immediate crypto swapping are ChangeNow and StealthEX, which have also established themselves within different segments of the crypto exchange arena to meet varying user needs.

Shared between Changirlly, ChangeNOW, and StealthEX is a strong commitment to protecting privacy and security for their users. They facilitate services that do not necessitate account creation from users, thereby maintaining an emphasis on anonymity during transactions—a feature highly valued by those who prefer confidentiality with their cryptocurrency dealings. Nevertheless, each exchange distinguishes itself: ChangeNOW prides itself on a seamless interface coupled with round-the-clock support. Meanwhile, StealthEX puts a significant focus on strengthening both privacy and security features to attract users who place such factors at the forefront when handling cryptocurrencies. Exploration into how these exchanges stack up against one another regarding service intricacies and fee structures will reveal where Changelly stands. To its competitors.

Feature Comparison

In analyzing how Changelly stacks up against its competitors, it’s important to consider the unique elements each service provides. Here are several notable attributes of ChangeNOW:

  • A user interface that is easy to navigate
  • Customer support available 24/7
  • Rewards policy: by creating an account, users can receive 0.1% cashback in NOW tokens with every transaction they make

Such a commitment to ease-of-use, continuous customer assistance, and rewards may be especially attractive for those new to the world of crypto who might require more help and also for frequent traders using the platform.

StealthEX stands out primarily because of its strong focus on maintaining privacy and ensuring security measures. Amongst their features are:

  • The ability for cross-chain swaps enabling multi-cryptocurrency exchanges without needing registration
  • No maximum limit imposed on exchange transactions
  • An expansive selection supporting over 300 cryptocurrencies gives users ample choice in digital assets for trading purposes.

Meanwhile, Changelly prides itself on facilitating cost-effective trades by scanning across multiple linked crypto exchanges to secure the most favorable rates possible. This capability allows Changibly direct access to promptly obtain competitive pricing from various large exchanges — this could serve as a substantial benefit particularly useful for traders attentive about prices.

Fee Comparison

Each crypto exchange employs its distinct fee structure, which significantly affects the cumulative cost incurred by traders. For instance, ChangeNow incorporates a 0.5% service charge within the end figure presented to users for every transaction on their platform. Such transparency allows individuals to comprehend the entire expense of their trade immediately. It is pertinent to mention that fees at ChangeDown are cheaper than those found at conventional exchanges where they vary from 0.5% to 1%.

StealthEX provides an alternative take on charging fees with several notable characteristics.

  • The absence of any concealed or extra charges apart from network transaction expenses
  • A simple and predictable fee composition devoid of unforeseen costs
  • Availability of both fixed and variable rate options, affording flexibility in trading methods.

Conversely, Changelly is recognized for offering economical rates with a uniform commission of 0.25% applied on crypto-to-crypto trades. One must be aware that traditional platforms like Binance might propose even more advantageous rates occasionally making them preferable options depending upon factors such as user experience and specific functionalities catered to personal trading styles.


In our thorough evaluation of Changelly, it becomes evident that this crypto exchange platform delivers an array of features suited to a diverse user base including novices and seasoned traders alike. The strengths of Changelly are encapsulated in its straightforward interface, the appeal of competitive fees for exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, and the extensive list of supported cryptocurrencies. The way it collaborates with prominent exchanges to ensure users receive optimal rates while offering a non-custodial service enhances both pricing competitiveness and security measures.

On the other hand, certain limitations exist within Changelly’s framework such as potentially extended transaction durations and mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedures for high-value transactions which might discourage some individuals who value speed or wish to maintain their privacy. When measured against rivals like ChangeNow and StealthEX though, Changella maintains its stance by bringing forth distinctive advantages through its price sourcing algorithm alongside clear-cut fee guidelines. Deciding on whether Changelly surpasses other platforms depends heavily upon each individual’s specific needs—be those minimal costs, broader support in terms available cryptocurrencies or heightened confidentiality options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Changelly safe to use?

Indeed, users often regard Changelly as secure on account of its non-custodial approach and the implementation of security protocols such as 2-factor authentication. Caution is still advised for those utilizing the service.

How long do transactions take on Changelly?

The duration of transactions on Changelly typically ranges from 5 to 30 minutes when exchanging crypto-to-crypto. The time may extend beyond this for fiat-to-crypto exchanges or in instances of high network traffic.

Does Changelly require KYC verification?

Indeed, for particular transactions such as those involving significant sums or exchanges from fiat to crypto, Changelly mandates KYC verification. The extent of the required KYC can vary depending on the size and nature of the transaction.

How does Changelly compare to other instant swap platforms like ChangeNow and StealthEX?

Changelly provides a broad selection of cryptocurrencies at competitive rates, charging only 0.25% for crypto-to-crypto exchanges. ChangeNow levies fees between 0.5-1%, and while StealthEX focuses on privacy without imposing extra charges beyond the network costs, your optimal platform will depend upon individual requirements regarding fees, privacy measures, and the range of supported cryptos for swaps.

Can I use Changelly without creating an account?

Certainly, it is possible to engage in rudimentary crypto-to-crypto exchanges using Changelly without needing to establish an account. Nevertheless, access to certain services or advanced functionalities might necessitate the creation of an account.

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